Vatnajökull {Iceland}

I have been back in the states for a couple of days. The Icelandic experiences and memories I’ve been fortunate enough to collect feel sacred. Many of the extraordinary images and humble moments captured on camera are downloading as I type this blog post. While I’ve granted myself a bit of time before the supernatural awesomeness that is the magical country of Iceland is up on JBD, I do hope you enjoy a walk on the wild side via the photos my new pal, Daði, took on our journey through Vatnajökull National Park. They show a sliver of an entire week of living deep in the power of nature, circled by inner balance.

glacier 2

jenny on a glacier

glacier 6

glacier 5

glacier 7

Image Credits: Daði Guðjónsson

3 thoughts on “Vatnajökull {Iceland}

  1. These photos are incredible!! Beautiful and such a peaceful feeling while looking at them. I hope you had the time of your life in this beautiful place. thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Jenny
    It looks amazing over in Iceland did you plan your trip or did you use a company to do it for you?
    As we were thinking of going there for our anniversary in February to follow up on our honeymoon in the Ice hotel
    Love Claudia x

  3. Hi Claudia. Inspired by Iceland is a fantastic resource. We also used to hike the world’s 3rd largest glacier and go into the ice caves. I highly recommend them and doing both activities! The land is supernatural and the people of Iceland are the kindest souls I’ve ever met…xx

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