San Francisco Photo Journal

It’s no secret (if you follow my Instagram snapshots or Twitter thoughts) that I recently declared San Francisco my new favorite American city. After spending ten days in the Bay Area, I am still wondering why don’t I live there? As a former Angeleno turned New Yorker, San Francisco feels like their smart, creative, chill baby. I love it. Although I was bouncing around the Golden Gates for my day job, I made time for moments, seen through the lense of my iphone, of course.

SF glimpse

First glimpse upon arrival to my hotel. Speaking of, it feels very White House, no?

SF Ritz

I set up shop a lot at a little cafe around the corner…

cafe sf


san fran frenchie

With so much to soak in, most of the memories were right brain pleasers.

SF chinatown


sf trolley


SF night bridge

Image Credits: Jenny Graham

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