My Paris Kitchen

I feel camaraderie with anyone who up and jumps at opportunity, who goes for it even when the plan isn’t fully laid out. Cook, baker and writer David Lebovitz did just that when he left San Francisco for Paris. His delicious story is detailed on his blogone I’ve been reading for a long while. Each time I find myself in Paris I skip into a recommendation of his to enjoy a glass of wine or to sip a café noisette. So, when I landed at CDG last week, I peeked at his Twitter feed and discovered details for a meet and greet on behalf of his new book, My Paris Kitchen. Always one to nod to serendipity, I rounded up my colleagues to take five amidst a busy work day. Of all my years working in Hollywood, not once have I been starstruck. Cut to meeting the man behind the perfect scoop. He signed the cookbook and I couldn’t stop smiling. Ce sont les petites choses.

paris 7

Image Credit: Mark at the Movies 

Buy David’s book here.

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