Jesse and Celine, ah, they were my beacons of romance in high school. I’d watch Before Sunrise on repeat and soak up their conversational, passionate, globetrotting, serendipitous love. This upcoming week of February is one of my favorites, mostly because I associate celebration with the Valentine-adjacent nature of my birthday. You probably either love Valentine’s Day or you hate it. And although I’ll likely lean towards loving it no matter what, I totally get it. I’m single as I type this and remember all of the versions of love I’ve been in on V-day. But I quite fancy the idea of just being lovelier and kinder to anyone you encounter this week. One of my brothers and his girlfriend don’t salute Saint Valentine, preferring to rock out to the beat of the Sweetest Day. Whatever it is you’re down with, JBD is going on a love streak this week. Inspiration and anecdotes are coming your way.

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