Ice Cream by CVT Soft Serve


I’ve never liked frozen yogurt. I tried it a time or two and realized: no thank you. Anything you have to hide with faux sugary toppings is just not up my alley. A real dairy source is my jam. So when two of my old pals from Los Angeles told me they were launching a company to share just that with Angelenos and beyond, well I screamed for ice cream.

CVT ice

CVT Soft Serve partnered with a local California dairy to bring you a delicious custom mix. Charlie, the 1961 restored truckstrolls the streets of SoCal, ready for you to taste the treats and tweet a photo. She never really sleeps, ready to party with the best of us.


While I am wishin’ and hopin’ Charlie road trips East, all you West-coasters, go ahead now and treat yo’self. You deserve it.

Images c/o CVT Soft Serve

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