Friday Frock and Fizz

Peplum and Pimm’s No.1. are on my mind as the weather becomes warmer and we all fall into the season of Spring. I began making Pimm’s Cup a few years ago, and it quickly became my go-to drink for entertaining guests. Founder James Pimm, an owner of a London oyster bar, first invented the cocktail using gin, quinine, and a secret mixture of herbs and botanicals

My personal favorite Pimm’s Cup recipe is The Original Victorian Pimm’s: 

One Part Pimm’s
Two Parts Traditional Lemonade (Americans often substitute with Sprite; I recommend Ginger Beer)
Orange Slices
Lemon Slices
Cucumber Slices
Mint Leaves

Speaking of entertaining guests…my idea of the perfect party hostess pinafore is a peplum styled frock. Originating in ancient Greece, it is a seasoned silhouette offering a woman a modern-day advantage. Peplum dresses present a fit and a flare. I love the idea of sipping a Pimm fizz while wearing this worthy trend.

Buy this peplum via Asos.
If you are feeling frisky and risky, after mixing your fizz, give it a go to sew your own peplum frock. I purchase most of my Vogue pattern books at the Brooklyn Flea, but you can find a similar pattern here. Please report back if you take the peplum plunge; cheers!

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