Epic Style

What inspires your style? Both of my jobs allow for boundless new experiences. It was a pleasure and a dream come true to merge friends I’ve made through blogging with folks I know from nearly a decade in the movie industry. Part of my day job requires extraordinary execution of beyond-words-different ideas. The latest (and a big reason why my blogging took a hiatus last week) is a collaboration with designer Chris Benz and the upcoming feature film, EPIC. I knew Chris would immediately relate to the textures and nature-themes of the animated movie. That hunch turned into an EPIC-inspired dress, revealed during a special event for New York City’s top style bloggers. I’ll spare the peripheral details and jump right to the goods: the original sketch of the dress and the real deal. By the way, since we are on the topic of collaboration…the model wearing the dress is my childhood friend. Another reason why I love what I do – making connections is what it’s all about.





Image Credits: 1.Chris Benz 2.Jenny Graham

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