Colorful Inspiration

Color is a key to joy. Visually, it captures the naked eye. It evokes a range of emotion. I think my favorite quality, of each color of the rainbow, is its ability to express a mood or style statement in a swift dash or dollop. Holly Fulton used roses in reds and blues as motifs to help capture her Spring collection’s California girl on a coastal road trip to Mexico.

Akihiko Miyoshi’s abstract photography is as inspiring as my cousin Elliot’s ink.

We see the use of color all around us, from mother nature to man-made art and just about anything that fosters fun.

Don’t turn your back on color, kids, let it take you down the yellow brick road of life. Let it lift you up when your spirit needs to soar. Let it lay beside you like the ocean’s shores. Cheers for a bright week ahead.

Image Credits: 1.Gianni Pucci 2.Akihiko Miyoshi 3.Jenny by design 4.Jenny by design 5. Courtesy of Holly Fulton

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