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It’s no secret I work hard in a job I like, a lot. Yes, the constant creative change and global travel help, however the biggest reason I thrive and feel good most days is in direct correlation to the superstars I work with from the office to the road. These smart pieces of advice as told by Inc. are worth reading for your own success.

1. Carve Your Own Path

Don’t let someone else’s vision of success force you to stray from the path you worked to be on. Carve your own path and you’ll always be heading in the right direction. — Michelle Phan, co-founder of Ipsy.

2. Soak Up Knowledge From Smart People

I love the [Jim Rohn] quote “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I’d encourage female entrepreneurs to find people that they admire and spend lots of time with those people that are more successful than they are and smarter than they are, because those are the people I’ve learned the most from. –Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug

3. Do It Now!

Don’t wait until you have all the answers because you will never have all the answers. –Zoe Barry, founder of ZappRx

4. 99 Percent Perspiration

Be ready to work! Business is not simply built on innovation — we’ve had a great idea in a great industry that’s required quite a bit of “perspiration” and late nights to achieve. –Adam Lyonz, founder of The Zebra

5. Find Solutions to the Right Problems

I think one of the things we did that was important was that we worked really hard to identify the right problem before identifying the solution. … If you find a problem that people talk about emotionally as a serious problem in their lives … you can take that leap to developing the solution. –Liam Don, co-founder of ClassDojo

6. Network Like a Pro

Attend as many events as possible and do your research beforehand. Knowing who you’ll be meeting with and understanding how they may be able to help you is vital. With preparation, you are instantly set up for a productive and efficient conversation once you’re face-to-face. –Kegan Schouwenburg, founder of Sols 

7. Own Your Mistakes

Your team needs to be accountable without throwing one another under the bus. Reward those who both acknowledge their own slip-ups and offer solutions to fix them. Some of the best learning can come after mistakes are identified and ultimately lead to a better product/process in the end. –Al Goldstein, CEO of Avant

8. Ask Influential People For Help

Reaching out to the right people and getting connected to influential and intelligent people has helped us do more than we ever could have done alone. –Alex White, co-founder of Next Big Sound

9. Kill Your Insecurities

As you start working on your company, you start working on yourself. Because this company is a reflection of who you are, and every single one of your insecurities are somehow going to be challenged; they are somehow going to bubble up to the surface. And you are going to have to defeat them in real time, in order to be successful at what you’re building. –Anda Gansca, founder of Knatch

10. To Thine Own Self Be True

Just be yourself. Work hard, and do something you love. Focus: do less, but do it better. And give back when you can. –Jordan Fliegel, founder of CoachUp

11. Look for Opportunity

One of the things I preach a lot about is getting in early. This means be opportunistic with things when you see something new coming onto the scene, or when you can sense that a trend is on the rise… –Jesse Tevelow, co-founder of PlayQ

12. Drive It With Data

Don’t try to count everything. Concentrate on bottom-line numbers. Collect lots of data. Feel free to change. –Douglas Hanna, founder of

13. Hire Superstars

Choose the people you work with carefully; they are more important than what you do! –Jonathan Neman, co-founder of Sweetgreen

14. Find an Outstanding Co-Founder

Find an incredible co-founder. I think both of us have found that we do better work together than we ever could alone. –Noah Ready-Campbell, CEO of Twice

15. Build, Build, Build!

1. Build stuff. 2. Make a lot of things. 3. Make a list of said things. 4. Make said list longer. –Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad

Image Credit: Jenny Graham / Advice above via Inc.

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    My name is Lingling and I am also a marketer who gets to write about daily life in my blog every now and then.

    I read your story at The Everygirl website and the path you created for yourself is absolutely inspiring (plus I can’t imagine how you can still manage this beautiful website), and you can totally be a full-time blogger / host / journalist if you are tired of your current job:)

    I just wanted to step by and say hi!

    Happy 2016!


  2. Hi Lingling,
    Thank you for 1) reading and 2) the kind message. You’ve got a beautiful blog yourself! Keep in touch.

    Thanks again, Jenny

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