A Man of Style: Shawn Edwards

Shawn Edwards is an award-winning film critic and entertainment reporter. And: he emanates an electric energy. From the moment I met Shawn, I remember feeling (and thinking) this guy has magic around him. Anyone would be lucky to count him as a friend, for his open mind, warm demeanor and intrinsic coolness make you want to listen to him all day long. Good news, kids. You can, even if you haven’t met him. The stylish Mr. Edwards can be found waxing poetic on everything from critically acclaimed films to what’s hot now. I can’t think of anyone more worthy to kick off JBD’s spotlight on men of style.

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How would describe your style and design aesthetic?

I’d describe my style as urban chic. It’s a bit over-the-top and a bit edgy, but always fun. I like to be just a step ahead and I’m not afraid of bright colors or crazy patterns. I work on television so I like to make visual statements.

Where do you draw from for style inspiration?

I get inspired by traveling the world, walking the streets, people watching and style checkin’. My favorite cities to peep gear game are Moscow, London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Madrid, Rio De Janeiro and Topeka, Kansas.

Any Hollywood style icons that stand out?

My favorite old school style icon is Steve McQueen. He was always fashion forward yet uniquely classic Americana while always remaining very manly. My favorite new school style icon is Russell Westbrook. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard don’t give a frack! He rocks what he wants with reckless but stylish abandon.

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Perfect menswear for the red carpet? Which male actor is killing it right now?

A black tux or suit always unless you’ve been nominated to pick up a surf board at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. Right now my main man Justin Timberlake be red carpet fresh to death on the regular. His style game is winning.

What wardrobe piece should every man own?

A blue navy suit. Period. Point blank. End of story. For starters to affordable, check out J. Crew and Hugo Boss. And, if you’re ballin’, hit up Burberry.

If you are going to invest in something, what is it?

A timeless time piece. A nice watch makes a huge statement.

Shawn JBD4

You’re an on-air personality, interviewing Hollywood’s most famous faces. How does all of that influence what you wear?

First off, I want to look fresh to death. Most A-list actors and actresses have stylists and come looking super crisp and fashion forward. Secondly, I’m the fun part of the newscast. Gotta bring the swag. And, thirdly, if you look sharp, the talent will treat you more like an equal than some crazed fan or deranged blogger.

You call Kansas City home and spend a large part of your time between New York City and Los Angeles. Which city is your favorite?

I can’t choose! They all have so many positives and cool shop spots. I hit areas. Not specific stores. I love shopping in SoHo in New York and on Robertson in Los Angeles.

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When you aren’t interviewing movie stars, you are…?

Partying. I love DJs. They are the new rock stars. I’m always on the hunt to check out hot DJs. I also do a little DJing myself. I’m not that good but I entertain myself.

What is the best advice you received?

It’s always about the money. Thanks Grandpa. Great advice. And so true.

You never leave home without?

My American Express card.

What will never go out of style?

A buttoned-down white shirt.

What stands out in your mind as being a wow-that-magic-just-happened-in-my-career-moment? 

When I walked into a Blockbuster with my girlfriend to rent a movie and saw my name on The Ladies Man DVD. I was like, “OK, this is cool.” Been a wild and fantastic ride ever since!

Photos courtesy of Shawn Edwards

Note: this interview has been edited

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