You’ve Always Had The Power

I’ve always loved and lived Glinda the Good Witch‘s motto: You’ve always had the power, you’ve always had it my dear. On any given day, it brings me right back to the infinite potential we each possess. During times of major change and risk-taking, you can find comfort in knowing your courage for growth is worthwhile. For me, I call upon holistic ways to stay centered. I became acquainted with a true understanding of the power of crystals as healing agents while in Bali this summer. And then I found myself back in Sausalito, revisiting a crystal shop I stumbled into more than a year earlier, ever so drawn to the simple, extraordinary aura of gemstones from earth. Everything connects and this little story is no different. Just as soon as I returned from my most recent Sausalito scout, I received an unexpected gift in the mail from Stephanie Kantis, a passionate jewelry designer with deep roots in the design field. The jewel at my doorstep was Malachite. This stone of transformation, a healer on emotional and physical levels, is one I immediately embraced and now wear often, feeling its life force of constant renewal and development. The more I’ve worn this gift, the more I’ve fallen for Stephanie Kantis jewelry, donning some of her bangles and re-purposing her gorgeous pendants depending on my mood or daily style.  Inspiration and healing and new ideas come from all around you. So remember, you’ve always had the power my dear. Open your eyes and take a peek down a new path…it will elevate your existence.

JBD ringJewelry c/o Stephanie Kantis 

Image Credit: Jenny Graham  


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