What A Wonderful World

My best friend is always asking: what does it all mean? She usually sends me a text with the acronym WDIAM, most often following a funny experience in this thing called life. It always makes me laugh. What does it all mean? I swear, I’m not even going down an existential road here. I just recognize all of these moments we breathe in. Do we really breathe them out? I sure do hope so. I think that is one of the keys to unlock the door to your own yellow brick road.

kympham JBD

The past few weeks shook up my little world, ultimately for the better, that’s for sure. But it was a mini moment, as I stood in line for a coffee while wearing red sandals, when the simple magic of now showed up. A sweet young girl with big blue eyes tugged on her mom’s hand, gave a wide-eyed gaze at my shoes and exclaimed:  Are you Dorothy? It’s really Dorothy! The mom and I shared a look and the next thing I knew I was clicking my heels three times in a row, smiling right back at the cute kid. Sometimes all you need is a bit of wonder to get to the meaning of the moment.

Image Credit: Kympham

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