Trial & Error

charcoal alley

I’ve been working on a written project. It takes time. Lots of time. The process is different than blogging. Inventing a much longer form is all about trial and error. I’ve noticed my best writing comes from the same position I utilized in college, as a Political Science major, hatching lengthy research papers. That is, lying on my bed, propped up with a gaggle of pillows, papers strewn around me, door closed, no music, sunlight filtering in. It may sound bizarre, but I am certain stranger things have happened. What I do know is if you don’t get your hands dirty and give it a try, well, you’ll never get to the good stuff, where the sparkle shines. 

P.S. Do you write? Where is your best work created? Is it anything like this? Weird Writing Habits of Writers.

Image via Charcoal Alley

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