PI2014 4 JBD

A note to say I am thinking about you, dear JBD’ers. I’m on the cusp of moving back to California. My physical life shipped out of New York City this past weekend. Shake ups, shifts, sitting on the hard wood floors of a special apartment that was the incubator of this blog…well, it gets REAL. It gets emotional. It’s awesome and it’s overwhelming. I will absolutely use this diary of delight to share the next journey with you. In the meantime, though, did you know a New Moon rolled into town last night? And just today Mercury went retrograde. But the ‘grade is good. If you’re anything like my brothers, you may be thinking: JBD, slow your roll on the mystic mumbo-jumbo. I am here to say: hey now, give it a chance because it is a ripe time to reflect, to remain flexible, to clear out what is no longer serving you, to revisit in order to learn. Anything is possible. If you hear it in your heart, listen. Trust it.

Image Credit: Jenny Graham

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