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Good vibes are coming your way today via the founders of TIDE & POOL, Jaclyn and James Munzer. This dynamic duo believes taking a dip can take you to your happy place. I couldn’t agree more. And, I’m here to tell you first hand the California natives’ towels live up to the leisure and luxury they prescribe. Dive in and enjoy the read.

Where did the idea of TIDE & POOL come from?

While my husband and I were traveling around New Zealand on our honeymoon we recognized that the beach towels we’d brought along were really subpar in both the style and quality departments.  A towel is such a huge canvas with which to do something fun and beautiful; it should feel fantastic when you wrap it around you and it should last you for many sunny days. So thousands of miles from home, camping and traveling around in our little camper van, we decided to build this brand. We spent a month in the most stunning landscapes and stylish shorelines and it was the best little think tank we could imagine. When we returned to Long Beach, I wrapped up my job as a television producer and now, a couple years later, here we are.

Describe the TIDE & POOL gal or guy?

TIDE & POOL fans are people who love their time at the beach or pool, appreciate good design and expect great quality. Surfing, swimming, travel, music, bocce ball, nice cold cocktails in the sunshine, and fun times shared with good friends and family, are all things we enjoy.  Ultimately, we built this brand out of our own desire to have better beach and pool accessories, so we imagine fans of TIDE& POOL share some of our same interests. Even when we can only escape to our rooftop for a little sunshine, we like to make it feel special, so that includes a beautiful towel, a cold drink and tunes. We think the TIDE & POOL gal or guy shares that same sense of occasion and celebration for even simple pleasures.


The designs are so vibrant and exude a positive vibe. Are they all original? 

All the designs are original. We pulled inspiration from a pretty wide array of places ranging from mid-century bossa nova album covers to vintage Japanese woodblock prints. It was really important to us that our debut collection offer variety, but have a cohesiveness. I think the vibrant colors and happiness of the designs are what unify them.

You’re based in Southern California. Where can we buy these fabulous towels?

The most convenient place for most people to buy our towels is through our online boutique at tideandpool.com. We also have a curated network of boutiques where you can purchase our towels locally. We are sold on the island of Kauai all the way to Brooklyn. You can find a constantly growing list of local retailers on our website’s Boutiques page.


What are your top three beach accessories?

Besides the perfect towel? Shiseido sunblock, a big pair of sunglasses and our backgammon set.

Favorite pool destination? Favorite ocean destination?

Our favorite pool destination is Palm Springs. The desert has some awesome mid-century homes, with equally awesome pools, that you can rent. So whenever we head out there we like to try on different pools for size. The Sinatra Estate has a piano shaped pool. At the perfect time of day the awning casts shadows across the pool that look like piano keys.

Our favorite ocean destination is the family beach house in San Diego. While not as exotic as some of the other places we love like Kauai or New Zealand, the family house is so relaxing, there’s serviceable-to-great surf right out front and it’s filled with many generations of happy memories, so it’s really hard to beat.

When you need a getaway, where do you go? 

Ojai is such an easy escape from LA. In less than two hours you can leave behind traffic and work for some of California’s least developed and most beautiful land. We have camped out there, but if you want to treat yourself The Ojai Valley Inn is the way to go. It’s been around for 90 years and the charm of the hotel is one of those things that can only come with time. You can hike, horseback ride, play tennis, and when you are all done the inn’s multiple pools are waiting for fun or quiet relaxation depending on your mood.  If the setting isn’t enough to put you in the vacation mindset, we recommend their raspberry mojito.


Best item to collect?

Photos – actual printed photos that you can put in your wallet, hang on your fridge or even use as a bookmark. When you stumble upon one it reminds you of a wonderful moment or a beautiful place in the middle of a hectic or mundane day.

What will never go out of style?

Confidence and slip-on Vans.

Piece of advice everyone should hear?

Be passionate. If you don’t care, why should anyone else?

Anything you would tell your 25-year-old self?

Don’t be afraid. You’ve got this.

Images c/o TIDE & POOL

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