The Orient Express

Agatha Christie’s brilliant imagination created my fascination with The Orient Express. As a middle-schooler, I would read her novels and imagine standing alongside Inspector Poirot, boarding the train in Constantinople. (Yes, I was what one calls an eccentric child). My investigation into film, fashion and the Agatha cocktail is as immortal as the 1934-room Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express. Located inside of the Pera Palace Hotel, it will be one of my first stops in Istanbul. Photos and stories to follow.
In the meantime…

Try a sip of the Agatha at Orient-Express. Owned by Osman Cakir, this speakeasy delivers Istanbul to the West Village, minus murder. You’ll want to bookmark this spot.

If you get snowed in, rent the film based on the novel and revel in the fashion of the ’30s. Jacqueline Bisset’s Countess Andrenyi was on display in the Huntsville Museum of Art.

More on all of this after I stroll the hallways of the Orient-origins.

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