The 7 Chakras


In the middle of a two week Balinese vacation, my friends and I spent two nights at the luxurious AYANA Resort and Spa. It was just the right amount of let’s-hang-out-at-a-fancy-hotel-before-we-settle-into-a-beach-house. It is rare for me to get a massage, but no one had to twist my arm when I heard about AYANA’s massage therapist, Cok (pronounced like cocoa), who gives a Seven Chakra Dhara Journey. You had me at Chakra.

7 chakraThis one-of-a-kind signature experience is drawn from time-honored traditions of Ayurveda combined with synergistic aromatherapy blends, gemstone therapy and chakra sound healing to relax your body, open your chakras and renew your spirit. Cok, my Hindu therapist, used pranic healing by visually projecting a color out of her hands onto my body and chanting internally a sacred tone that’s called a bija mantra, to transmit universal energy for my body as it chooses. There were moments when I heard her ring a bell near stones placed on my body and I smiled thinking if only my friends saw this now, they would have a chuckle at me. I loved the treatment and I wholeheartedly believe in it.


Walking through the next door of your life is essential to your full existence. To be renewed and balanced in the moment is the beginning of infinite well-being. Learn more about your seven chakras with this beginner list. And, if you’re ever in Bali, wander through this doorway.

Image Credits: Jenny Graham

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