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Hopping in my car, opening the sun roof and driving out to a surf spot is one of my dreamy-happy activities. I look forward to it when I return from a long work trip. My go-to Montauk, New York surf spot is Ditch Plains. It’s heaven and holds a special place in my heart. When I don’t want to drive too far from my Brooklyn home, I hit up the Rockaways. Locals Surf School is awesome with group lessons at only $80 a pop; it’s worth the adventure. Dillon is my favorite instructor – tell him JBD sent you!

Way back when, I learned to surf from the dudes at ZJ Boarding House. This Santa Monica, California based shop has been around for 25 years. They take your skill level to the next level. If you head out to Malibu, go brave Surfrider Beach. The surf breaks from North to South in three points. Third Point is the first break, followed by Second Point and First Point, the last break. First Point is a long wave ideal for long boarding while Second Point often allows for a barrel here and there, breaking faster than First Point. The Third Point is for short boards; fast waves and early close outs. Since we’re chatting SoCal, I got my first custom board at South Coast in San Diego. If you’re ever in America’s sunniest city, surf all of these spots.

roxy cynthia rowley

For the surfer who wants to retreat into waves, check out week-long sessions in Costa Rica, surf school in Florida, or Castaway yourself in Fiji for an ultimate experience.

P.S. Cynthia Rowley is creating fabulous surf-wear these days…

Image Credits: Pinterest and  Cynthia Rowley for Roxy

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