sunrise iceland JBD 2014

I’ve missed you. How’s life? I hope it’s been one swell sunrise after the next, just like this beauty I caught in Iceland. The past week was chock full of activity, including New York Fashion Week, a major press junket for my day job, a reunion with my nine college roommates (yup, nine), plans to help my parents with a myriad of things, especially their move out of my childhood home (happy new beginning for them, still emotional!), and oh did I mention my crazy demanding movie studio day job? Yeah, well none of it happened because I came down with the flu. For the first time in almost three years it stopped me in my tracks. Nature knows when you need to slow the F down. I’m listening to my body and hope to see a sunrise soon. In the meantime, here’s some link love. Cheers my dears.

Everything is going to be okay. And 19 other things Kid President says we should say more often.


Because New York City is covered in slush, this round up may help keep your feet dry and cozy.


Clare Vivier can do no wrong when it comes to a clutch.


Winter coats and beanies worn well by Blair Eadie.


Psychotic tendencies may actually help promote lateral thinking?


12 hand-written love letters to honor this week of St. Valentine.


Pie, pie, pie! I plan on hitting up Four & Twenty Blackbirds at week’s end to celebrate my birthday.

xx, JBD

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