Style Multiplied: Jackie O.

Bare with me here as this idea multiplies on the fly… In elementary and middle schools, I devoured many a biography, by choice, in between dance classes and escaping the bumps of growing up with three brothers. With each story learned came a yearly Halloween costume. Around fourth or fifth grade, the biography of Ms. Kennedy captured me, creating a repeated fever pitch of costuming. Year after year, I updated my Jackie O. garb, sometimes trick-or-treating with a vintage bag for candy in lieu of a plastic jack-o-lantern. As quirky as it all sounds, and it is, it also reminds me of a perfect piece of fashion advice: think in multiples. Take a cue from Jackie O.’s wardrobe, a closet full of sheath dresses, always flattering and the right fit. And, buy them in bulk. Purchase and practice wearing what works on your body once you discover it!

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