With a name as divine as Narell Devine, it is no surprise Firmdale Hotels scooped her up to open their New York City outpost, Crosby Street Hotel, in 2009. Her vivacious way is second to none, for she is a rare combination of beauty, hilarity and sincerity. From a love of Tosh.O to her beloved Oz, Narell dishes on her go-to designers, dream client and a moment spent with Liza Minnelli. She will have you calling up the Crosby in no time.

Where do you call home?

Perth, Western Australia. I just wish it wasn’t so far away!

Home away from home?

Crosby Street Hotel. Ha! I spend a lot of time there – mainly because I can get the closest thing to a home cooked meal – there is never any food in my fridge at home! No, it really does feel like home. I opened the hotel in 2009, so I have a huge attachment to the place and everyone in it.

Dream travel destination?

Anywhere with a beach and cocktails. After living in London for five years, and now having to deal with the NYC winters, I have a rule that I only do beach vacations. Tel Aviv is on my list of new cities to visit next year, it sounds amazing, and I try to head to Mexico whenever I can. Mexico City was one of my favorite vacations, so I want to see the beaches now. Beach + margaritas make me a happy lady!

What do you always travel with? 

My cashmere wrap from 360 Sweater. I get so cold on flights, so I wrap myself in knots in it, it’s so cozy. That and a hydrating face mask for when I get off the plane.

Describe your perfect NYC day.

My mid week days and nights are ridiculously busy, so an ideal NYC day for me is one of complete relaxation. I love starting my day with a fun brunch with friends, which inevitably ends with a spot of shopping.  I spend most summer weekend afternoons lazing in the sun by my rooftop pool with a glass of rosé, a BBQ (the Aussie version of a grill!) and good friends.

A favorite Crosby Street Hotel moment?

This was most definitely the opportunity to look after Liza Minnelli for the day. She was in head to toe sequinned attire, at 11 in the morning! I love that. And it was Liza, I mean…

Who is your dream client?

I really want Daniel Tosh to stay at Crosby. I have a weird crush on him. He’s so geeky, but so funny! I have a long-standing joke with friends that I’ll score a date with him by the end of this year, so it would be really convenient if I could get him to stay at the hotel. Can we send this to him?!

Go-to designer for all-things-work & play clothes?

For work I love Tibi dresses, Equipment or A.L.C shirts mixed up with some Zara basics. In winter I live in jeans and blazers. J Brand jeans, always – I have them in every color and style. For play I love my Aussie designers. Magdalena Velevska is my current obsession; I met her recently and I acted like a star struck school girl which was kind of embarrassing. I also wear a lot of Zimmerman (thank god for the new store in SoHo) and Sass & Bide is my go-to for something fun and colorful.

If you could have drinks with anyone – living or dead – who and why?

I would have loved to have met both or even one of my (paternal/maternal) grandfathers, as I never got the chance.

On a personal note, we are friends…and I’ve been lucky enough to attend your fun dinner parties. What are key elements of a fabulous party?

LIGHTING! I am fanatical about the right lighting. Working at Crosby has taught me that. And flowers, fabulous flowers, lots of candles and lots of champagne! And, of course the right invite list. I like mixing my list up with new and different people who don’t know each other; a good mix of Aussies and New Yorkers make for a loud + fun party. New Yorkers are the best networkers, so it’s great to be able to help connect people.

What will never go out of style?

High heels. They just make you feel instantly sexy, your legs look SO much better in heels (despite the occasional pain) and they give you that girly swagger.

What do you always splurge on?

I splurge on everything, I have absolutely no self control. It’s horrible, but hey, you only live once.

What quality about yourself do you never want to lose?

The ability to laugh at myself and push the boundaries for the sake of a good joke.  Laughter is always high on my agenda and it’s good for the soul!

To be successful in your role at work and in this thing called life….what must one have?

Guts! You just have to whole-heartedly go for it in everything you do, head first.  That, and to some extent, a little “fake it ’til you make it” never hurt anyone.

Image Credits: Jenny by design via Narell Devine / Crosby Street Hotel



  1. Who is this girl?? And why have we not seen more of her. Crosby St hotel is one lucky hotel. More articles on Narell please….

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