Déja Vu

dali butterflies

All of you JBD’ers know how much I believe in (and have written about) listening and following the inner guide within oneself. Recently, I read a book by Leonard Mlodinow called Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, which uncovers the behind-the-scenes of the unconscious, the whys and hows of our daily actions. Near the end of the national bestseller, Mlodinow said something that has stuck with me:

The artist Salvador Dali once said, “Every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali, and I ask myself, wonderstruck, what prodigious thing will he do today, this Salvador Dali?” Dali may have been a sweet guy or he may have been an insufferable egomaniac, but there is something wonderful about his unrestrained and unabashed optimistic vision of his future.

Credits: Image / Mlodinow Reference

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