I fell in love. His name is Sausalito, filled with ocean and sky so blue. Not since discovering Paris at age sixteen have I felt so strongly about a land. Sausalito is a must-visit, and for me, a must-become-a-resident-at-some-point-in-life.


Before I set my feet in this special spot, I bought a homemade donut from Massimo while waiting on a San Francisco ferry dock.

donut JBD

SF bird

Skipping off the boat onto land, I turned left when tourists turned right. That choice landed me on Princess Street, where I wandered through gardens and happily walked uphill.

princess street

secret garden

sausalito flower

After chatting about art and life with a handful of amazing locals at Salito’s, I hit up a gallery and followed a few more off the beat paths.

saus lunch


sausalito gallery 1

sausalito gallery 2

It’s the little details that make this wondrous place pure magic. The folks that call it home are as sweet as the surprises around each corner. Sausalito, I can’t wait to come back to you.

saus window

SF bridge flag

Image Credits: Jenny Graham 

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