Repeat the Sounding Joy

In every interview I do for JBD, I always ask the interviewee: What will never go out of style?  I’ve put together a little round up of some of my favorite answers from 2012, and an excerpt of my very own thoughts from a Barneys New York interview earlier this year. Sparkle, shine and be merry.

What will never go out of style?

“A classic black stiletto. ” – Sophie de Rakoff, Hollywood Costume Designer

“Conversation, storytelling, a joke.” – Andrea Miller, Owner of Eponymy

“Jenny by design.” – Jared Scott, Producer & Partner of PF Pictures

“Reading.” – Todd Lawton, Founder of Out of Print

“The white t-shirt.” – Chris Benz, Fashion Designer

“High heels.” – Narell Devine, Director of Sales at Crosby Street Hotel

“Legwarmers.” – Tori Spelling, Actress and Author

“Orange Crocs.” – Mario Batali, Chef Extraordinaire

jenny graham

JBD’s style rules to live by:
1. Decorate your home with things you absolutely love.
2. Keep your hair healthy—it’s a natural, malleable accessory.
3. Wear a gemstone earring that compliments your skin tone or hair color. The color will brighten up your vibe. (This works best with classic and refined apparel).
4. If you are going to splurge, splurge on shoes. Investing in a well-made pair will go a long way with any outfit you put together.
5. Really get to know yourself—confidence is your best accessory.

P.S. Christmas will never go out of style… xx, Jenny

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