Pin Up

The faux bob has been on the scene for a bit now, but I hadn’t tried the look until I was in the Caribbean. No rhyme or reason except to tame my naturally thick, long hair amidst humidity and beachy-ness. The pin up is stellar. I rocked it during the day on a boat ride around the Virgin Islands and during an evening under the stars with wine and sushi. Ready for summer or winter, you can spring ahead or fall back knowing your hair is at the height of chicness.

Give it a try like this:

1. Blow dry using a round brush. Once hair is dry, begin sectioning to create curls with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Or, if your hair is like mine (and you have the time), let a natural wave set in by letting hair air-dry. Pop a dollop of your favorite serum through hair to separate the curls.

2. Take your time. Create waves or curls working from back to front.

3. Tie a hair elastic at the end of your hair (long ponytail style). Roll this loose pony under the nape of your neck to create an even bob.

4. Let unfettered pieces fall to the sides of your face.  Go ahead and pin in the bob with bobby pins – use as many as you need and be sure the pin color closely matches your hair color.

5. Hairspray lightly if needed.

JBDers…let me know if you try this at home and become of fan of the faux bob, too!


Image Credits: 1 & 2: Harper’s Bazaar Australia 3: Rodarte 

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