Friday Frock & Fizz

Michael Kors’ Spring 2015 Collection is in full bloom. He maintains a classic American sportswear style but elevates all of it with frocks frosted in little yellow buttercups. It’s fresh, it’s joyful, it’s flower-me-happy.


I’m jetsetting to the Bay Area tomorrow for a weekend of no work and all play. I wish upon a marigold I had this Kors outfit to take along with me to Napa Valley#AllAccessKors is certainly a full bouquet worth catching. Cheers my dears.

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Stand and Deliver


I am a to-do list creator. My lists aren’t to-do “the laundry” or to-do “my taxes.” I make lists of dreams every couple of weeks or so. When I take time to read back on my scribbles from years past, I chuckle to myself, sometimes in awe and sometimes baffled, my dreams came true…they actually happened! There is a magic behind saying it out loud, behind writing in down with intention. For sure. Handstands have been on my dang list for weeks. This summer, whenever I was in a pool or in the ocean, I dove right into the best handstand my whimsical heart could dream up. Total joyride, people. I’m talking addictive feeling of awesomeness. Now if only I could pop right up in my weekly yoga classes, which are not, in fact, in water. I hear that going into crow pose is a good step in the process. My ego would tell you I am a crow master. My essence knows there is no rhyme or reason except for being in the moment, focused on one’s breath. A handstand means surrendering the head below the heart, engaging the core and trusting oneself. Last night, my yoga teacher walked by me and gently whispered: Jenny, let your feet leave the wall. 

You guys, sometimes there won’t be a wall there to catch you, and that’s okay, because guess what? You are everything you need. You are your own truth. You will catch yourself. No force necessary. Be free. Go up in the air and handstand the heck out of your life.

Image via L’Optimum (yes, the sculpture in the photo is a headstand, but it still feels right for the post. xx, JBD)

Friday Frock & Fizz


After several months on hiatus, JBD’s original weekly post is back. Kicking off the celebration, in honor of New York Fashion Weekare frocks by one of my favorite designers, Yuna Yang. The beauties above gracefully revealed her latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection last night. I can’t stop daydreaming over the feminine power energy embodied by Yuna’s freedom-esque themes married to soft, classic, floral twists.


Well-poured, classy cocktails are the perfect catch to Ms. Yang’s ’40’s inspired culture of chic. Ten choices await you right here. Kick up your heels and say cheers!

cocktail JBD

Cugat Conga (1942): Jigger Bacardi White Rum, Jigger Grenadine, Juice and Absinthe

Image Credits ~ Frocks: Jenny Graham // Fizz: 

Hot Notes

hammock room

After discovering this photograph on Pinterest, I decided I must have a hammock in my living room. I can’t stop looking at this version.

sausalito doors

While we are on the topic of decor, these garage doors caught my eye as I skipped around the streets of Sausalito.

travel yeah

This quote speaks to me. It reminds me of my first big jet-set experience as a teenager to the global trotting I head off on each week or month. Life is an adventure…

a cup of jo

…and a good recipe makes life better. I love reading the blog A Cup of Jo. Everything about it is delicious, especially the maple apple granola she just shared with the world.


What more could you possibly want after hammock lounging on a Sausalito street crunching on homemade granola? Ah, a fancy, fun manicure, of course! Paintbox offers options you won’t find anywhere else.

What are your hot notes? Send ‘em on over to JBD.

Images via  Pinterest / Jenny Graham / Unknown / A Cup of Jo / Paintbox


Sometimes, although something looks or sounds or feels foreign, it may, actually, be the exact amount of butterflies-in-your-stomach, take-a-chance, why-not-try-it-out recipe to set you free.

JBD at Kerid

I’m fishing here a bit, with the Kerið reference and all (nod to me almost falling into a volcanic crater lake), but the point is real. Go deep. Fall in. You have nothing to lose except for the experience, for the story, for the epic goodness that is you.

Image Credit: Megan Alvino

Seattle Art Museum: “City Dwellers”

Experiencing life in Bali inspired me to discover Hindu mythology. As a result, I’ve gone down a path of knowledge of all things India. Along the way I learned about the Seattle Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India. Sculptures and photography by contemporary Indian artists capture an array of diverse ideas within Bollywood movie culture, politics and religious traditions. The exhibition is a tribute to the influences on Indian society and many works are shaped by popular movie culture and the use of digital technology by the conventions of religious ritual and street processions, traditional theater and dance.


I have never been to Seattle, so this is yet another reason I am going to get myself there between August 30th and mid-February while the colorful, contradictory and complex India shines a light.

Image via Seattle Art Museum

Snapshots from Sausalito

sausalito JBD 4

sausalito JBD 2

sausalito JBD 1

sausalito JBD 3

sausalito JBD 5

I spent part of this past weekend in Sausalito, just a 25 minute ferry ride from San Francisco. It is a place of real energy, where you can feel the high vibes of people living out their destiny. Some day I’ll be back for something more than a simple sojourn…but today I am here to share with you, to suggest you skip on over to Sausalito as soon as possible.

Image Credits: Jenny Graham