Heart Overflowin’

What can you do to get your heart overflowing this weekend? Sparks and reminders are all around. Even my best friends lovingly roll their eyes at me, but I am telling you, look out and be aware. It’s all always happening. We are alive and breathing! Bare with me a few moments more, massive stream of consciousness happening. Last month I was on yet another cross country flight. Seated next to me was a most handsome Argentinian man. We sipped red wine and shared family, career and love stories way up in the air. Six hours later it felt like our first date. Studies show your senses are heightened while flying, as in 55 percent of travelers said they had “experienced heightened emotions while flying.” Truth be told, a few years ago I was seated adjacent to another handsome (American) man who ended up my boyfriend of half a year+. Things like this do happen. But back to the Argentinian…it was just a moment, a we are alive and life is rad when you connect with people moment. We did what you do nowadays: immediate social media friending. Fast forward to a few weeks later, I’m blasting Leon Bridges’ music in my office on a Friday, creating content for a film campaign, subconscious-simultaneous scrolling of Facebook happening and low and behold the Argentinian posted the same exact song I had playing. You still with me here? If so, this is a silly, fun reminder that it is freaking Friday and it’s time to open your heart and your mind to what feels right. Roll with the patterns that pop up in your life. xx, JBD.

Tipi (or Teepee) Living

New year, new ideas. After spending some glorious holiday family time between South Carolina and Seattle, I returned to my cozy LA beach abode this past weekend. I swiftly plopped myself on the sofa and rejoiced in knowing I will not step foot on another airplane for exactly 22 days (the longest duration of no air travel in over 13 months!). Daydreaming set in and I floated into frequent notions of driving through the canyon roads of Topanga, moon roof wide open, breezy sunshine bursting in. A few small bits of world wide webbing later, I found myself glued to looking at photos of tipi glamping and promptly declared this the year of why not?

b556eae9_originalThe authentic 18 foot tipi lives on the grounds of a Topanga, California area farm house, furnished in genuine aboriginal decor of the past, according to Airbnb.

hkgtohgonfucdgpp2nd0Enjoy the experience with up to three of your favorite people, evening soaks in an outdoor hot tub, and the general fun of sleeping in a kitschy tipi…because why not? For information on costs, availability and more, check out this link.

Last Minute Lovely Gifts

wo we JBDCheers for a holiday season full of goodness, calmness and over-the-rainbow moments. If you’re like me, you have a few items left to buy and give. Once a last minute shopper, always a last minute shopper! Below is the JBD version of a blogger’s gift guide. Definitely unconventional and clearly a sprinkling of things close to my heart. Merry wishes to you!


Eastern Medicine may feel foreign to a first-timer, yet it is one of the greatest gifts we may give ourselves. My two favorite healers are in Los Angeles and New York. I’ve written about the magic of Erin at Radiant Heart Acupuncture here and now introduce you to Erica of Mind & Body Acupuncture. Heal yourself, heal the world.


If you like dogs, perhaps I may convince you to fall in love with corgis, too? Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue specializes in saving and rehabilitating the more difficult dogs to adopt, always taking a methodical approach to adoption. Your donation can help a corgi like lovable Simon get the medication he needs or pay for food to keep these low riders ready for any adventure.


Astrology 101 anyone? Contact Sandra Sitron of Strong Eye Astrology for a thoughtful, intuitive astrology consultation. I had my “chart read” earlier this year and it was a ton of fun. Her creative insight is second to none.


In the new year I’ll be sharing details of an exciting partnership with The Her Initiative, an organization which offers access to clean water and specific health and hygiene curriculum to women in the developing world. In the meantime, please consider making any donation and join us in providing safe water to the 800 million people who still need access to it.

Image via Wo and We

Brilliant Business Advice

jennybydesign miami

It’s no secret I work hard in a job I like, a lot. Yes, the constant creative change and global travel help, however the biggest reason I thrive and feel good most days is in direct correlation to the superstars I work with from the office to the road. These smart pieces of advice as told by Inc. are worth reading for your own success.

1. Carve Your Own Path

Don’t let someone else’s vision of success force you to stray from the path you worked to be on. Carve your own path and you’ll always be heading in the right direction. — Michelle Phan, co-founder of Ipsy.

2. Soak Up Knowledge From Smart People

I love the [Jim Rohn] quote “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I’d encourage female entrepreneurs to find people that they admire and spend lots of time with those people that are more successful than they are and smarter than they are, because those are the people I’ve learned the most from. –Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug

3. Do It Now!

Don’t wait until you have all the answers because you will never have all the answers. –Zoe Barry, founder of ZappRx

4. 99 Percent Perspiration

Be ready to work! Business is not simply built on innovation — we’ve had a great idea in a great industry that’s required quite a bit of “perspiration” and late nights to achieve. –Adam Lyonz, founder of The Zebra

5. Find Solutions to the Right Problems

I think one of the things we did that was important was that we worked really hard to identify the right problem before identifying the solution. … If you find a problem that people talk about emotionally as a serious problem in their lives … you can take that leap to developing the solution. –Liam Don, co-founder of ClassDojo

6. Network Like a Pro

Attend as many events as possible and do your research beforehand. Knowing who you’ll be meeting with and understanding how they may be able to help you is vital. With preparation, you are instantly set up for a productive and efficient conversation once you’re face-to-face. –Kegan Schouwenburg, founder of Sols 

7. Own Your Mistakes

Your team needs to be accountable without throwing one another under the bus. Reward those who both acknowledge their own slip-ups and offer solutions to fix them. Some of the best learning can come after mistakes are identified and ultimately lead to a better product/process in the end. –Al Goldstein, CEO of Avant

8. Ask Influential People For Help

Reaching out to the right people and getting connected to influential and intelligent people has helped us do more than we ever could have done alone. –Alex White, co-founder of Next Big Sound

9. Kill Your Insecurities

As you start working on your company, you start working on yourself. Because this company is a reflection of who you are, and every single one of your insecurities are somehow going to be challenged; they are somehow going to bubble up to the surface. And you are going to have to defeat them in real time, in order to be successful at what you’re building. –Anda Gansca, founder of Knatch

10. To Thine Own Self Be True

Just be yourself. Work hard, and do something you love. Focus: do less, but do it better. And give back when you can. –Jordan Fliegel, founder of CoachUp

11. Look for Opportunity

One of the things I preach a lot about is getting in early. This means be opportunistic with things when you see something new coming onto the scene, or when you can sense that a trend is on the rise… –Jesse Tevelow, co-founder of PlayQ

12. Drive It With Data

Don’t try to count everything. Concentrate on bottom-line numbers. Collect lots of data. Feel free to change. –Douglas Hanna, founder of Help.com

13. Hire Superstars

Choose the people you work with carefully; they are more important than what you do! –Jonathan Neman, co-founder of Sweetgreen

14. Find an Outstanding Co-Founder

Find an incredible co-founder. I think both of us have found that we do better work together than we ever could alone. –Noah Ready-Campbell, CEO of Twice

15. Build, Build, Build!

1. Build stuff. 2. Make a lot of things. 3. Make a list of said things. 4. Make said list longer. –Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad

Image Credit: Jenny Graham / Advice above via Inc.

The Whole Of Each Other

FullSizeRender-6I discovered Dallas Clayton’s illustrations and wonderful words a few summers ago as I sauntered through a book store, buying gifts for the cute kids of my college best friends. A Is for Awesome was my first purchase. Dallas quickly became, for me, a modern day Shel Silverstein.  And so I share his message today. I sure do hope you keep going and know what you’re worth. xx, JBD.

Text within image by Dallas Clayton


menu-bottomPieGram is the perfect gift for a regular day or a holiday. One pie, two pie, four pie…you select the flavor and a handmade delight is shipped overnight. Their sweet hometown of Milwaukee (my Dad’s, too!) doubles as a regional resource of local ingredients – no preservatives, ever. Shipped anywhere in the continental United States, feel free to ask them to include a personalized note. What a delicious way to say hello.

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

JBD nica1Two weeks ago I vacationed in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua and shared a bunch of moments here. The experience hit my reset button. I woke up to the inner light within, surrounded by old and new friends. Surf, boating, yoga, community, thoughtfulness and more await you. We lived in a jungle tree canopy at Maderas Village. Three words: go there now.JBD nica2Direct flights from the United States can be found out of Houston and Miami. Upon landing, be prepared to drive two and a half hours to reach this piece of paradise (100% worth the drive). Family-style dining encourages new (lifelong) friends, howler monkeys are a daily alarm clock and if you’re down for some tunes or yogis you are in luck as Maderas Village is home to on-site recording and yoga studios.

JBD nica3Sunrise and sunset surf before or after a day on the sea. The living is easy. And breezy.

IMG_1481FullSizeRender-7 IMG_1581We met new local friends who day tripped us out to Playa Hermosa. A 45-minute drive from Maderas, it is equally mind blowing. JBD nica4All of it was an escape that brought me back in touch with the reality of being alive. Radical, heart-beating jungle beach living.

Image Credits: Jenny Graham


9 Facts A Girl With Brothers Knows

JBD darjeelingSweet baby Jesus, being the only sister amongst three brothers has taught me a lot. As I procrastinate writing a book and packing for a Central American jungle vacation, here are nine known facts of girls who grew up with a boatload of brothers.

1. Brutally honest feedback is offered like a casual hello. You will always be given a reality check. With love, but like the Real World Season 1.

2. Any group of dudes invited to the home you share with your boyfriend or husband will never, ever trump the noise and chaos of having brothers who filled up your parents’ finished basement like a frat house.

3. You have immediate, lifelong best friends who double as your bodyguards.

4. You are never the only weirdo in the room.

5. No matter the decade, you are clued into current music, sports, baby goat GIFS, and random WWE heavyweights.

6. If you get dumped you’ve got the toughest, funniest crew to put it all into perspective (and to remind you how dumb the guy was anyway)…

7. When you fall in love you’ve got the toughest, funniest crew to test the new guy’s sense of humor and his intentions for dating you.

8. You are a diplomatic, patient, strong woman because growing up with brothers gave you stellar problem-solving skills and honed an inherent ability to communicate.

9. You’ve got invaluable insight into how men think and will always be able to laugh at yourself.

Image via IMBD / Written by JBD