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What have you read lately? Between New York City subways rides and all of my jet-setting travel, I breeze through a new book every week or so. The past two weeks I have read two stellar tomes. So good they must be shared with you!

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman made me feel like I was right there with her, as she candidly recounts her global escapades, all of which are sly, sexy, hilarious, truthful, spirited and full of adventure. Time columnist Joel Stein said of the book: “If Mark Twain was a woman and he had actually done things in the countries he traveled to, he would have been a lot more pleasant. He also would have written this book instead of The Innocents Abroad. This book is so good that, of the many I have blurbed, this is the only one I read.”

Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior by Leonard Mlodinow unravels the complexities of the subliminal mind by showing us an exploration of our evolutionary heritage. He explains, “If you really want to understand the social world, if you really want to understand yourself and others, and, beyond that, if you really want to overcome many of the obstacles that prevent you from living your fullest, richest life, you need to understand the influence of the subliminal world that is hidden within each of us.”

And, just for kicks and a peek, the image above is from an easy read…Loren Hope’s new Look Book. Enjoy.

Pink Crush

jessica durrantI’ve been collecting Jessica Durrant watercolors for a few years. A handful of her gorgeous, calming, feminine creations fill the walls of my living room and home office, many gifted by family who know they can’t go wrong at Christmas with this pretty gift. Paris is usually on my mind, more so now because I know I’ll be there this Fall…pink skies sure do delight, don’t they?

pink crush JBD

I’ve never full-on decorated my home with a big piece of pink. But this sofa has me re-thinking that rainbow tune.

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Pink-Coral-Salmon-Fig-Tropic-No matter the season, no matter the continent, as true as a heart in love, pink will never go out of style.

Images via Jessica Durrant, Kendra Scott and Pinterest.

St. Helena, California


I walked along a sunshine trail. That kind of path one falls upon, easily and joyfully, with light wind at your back and warmth all around. St. Helena is an in-the-moment kind of place. One with exquisite weather, abundance of nature and where wine tastings abound.


I recommend wandering over to Whitehall Lane Winery. This family-owned Napa Valley outpost offers tastings of their finest Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Reserve wine. Our effervescent host, Chandler, took his time by sharing tidbits of Whitehall’s history, answering our questions and ultimately turning a usual Cab drinker (me) into a bonafide fan of Whitehall Lane’s Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc.




Throughout our day in a piece of paradise, among barrels of French and American oak, we learned all sorts of new wine facts. One diddy stood out for its fun name, Brix. This measurement of the sugar content of grapes is the degree of the grapes’ ripeness at harvest. Most table-wine grapes are harvested at between 21 and 25 Brix. Wine and science, how can you go wrong? You can’t! A day spent in St. Helena is a day well spent.



Image Credits: Jenny Graham

Friday Frock & Fizz

Michael Kors’ Spring 2015 Collection is in full bloom. He maintains a classic American sportswear style but elevates all of it with frocks frosted in little yellow buttercups. It’s fresh, it’s joyful, it’s flower-me-happy.


I’m jetsetting to the Bay Area tomorrow for a weekend of no work and all play. I wish upon a marigold I had this Kors outfit to take along with me to Napa Valley#AllAccessKors is certainly a full bouquet worth catching. Cheers my dears.

Image via Style.com

Stand and Deliver


I am a to-do list creator. My lists aren’t to-do “the laundry” or to-do “my taxes.” I make lists of dreams every couple of weeks or so. When I take time to read back on my scribbles from years past, I chuckle to myself, sometimes in awe and sometimes baffled, my dreams came true…they actually happened! There is a magic behind saying it out loud, behind writing in down with intention. For sure. Handstands have been on my dang list for weeks. This summer, whenever I was in a pool or in the ocean, I dove right into the best handstand my whimsical heart could dream up. Total joyride, people. I’m talking addictive feeling of awesomeness. Now if only I could pop right up in my weekly yoga classes, which are not, in fact, in water. I hear that going into crow pose is a good step in the process. My ego would tell you I am a crow master. My essence knows there is no rhyme or reason except for being in the moment, focused on one’s breath. A handstand means surrendering the head below the heart, engaging the core and trusting oneself. Last night, my yoga teacher walked by me and gently whispered: Jenny, let your feet leave the wall. 

You guys, sometimes there won’t be a wall there to catch you, and that’s okay, because guess what? You are everything you need. You are your own truth. You will catch yourself. No force necessary. Be free. Go up in the air and handstand the heck out of your life.

Image via L’Optimum (yes, the sculpture in the photo is a headstand, but it still feels right for the post. xx, JBD)