Déja Vu

dali butterflies

All of you JBD’ers know how much I believe in (and have written about) listening and following the inner guide within oneself. Recently, I read a book by Leonard Mlodinow called Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, which uncovers the behind-the-scenes of the unconscious, the whys and hows of our daily actions. Near the end of the national bestseller, Mlodinow said something that has stuck with me:

The artist Salvador Dali once said, “Every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali, and I ask myself, wonderstruck, what prodigious thing will he do today, this Salvador Dali?” Dali may have been a sweet guy or he may have been an insufferable egomaniac, but there is something wonderful about his unrestrained and unabashed optimistic vision of his future.

Credits: Image / Mlodinow Reference

Living Room Decor

JBD dispatch from the heart of New York City. I’m working from a hotel this weekend, all the while stealing moments on my iPad for inspiration as I plot out a big move (read: new rooms to decorate) later this year. I keep circling back to these living spaces. The crisp white touches against a confident color really do it for me. No matter where you are reading this from, I hope you feel a bit of inspiration. Bon weekend!

white 4

white 1

white 3

white 2Image Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 


You’ve Always Had The Power

I’ve always loved and lived Glinda the Good Witch‘s motto: You’ve always had the power, you’ve always had it my dear. On any given day, it brings me right back to the infinite potential we each possess. During times of major change and risk-taking, you can find comfort in knowing your courage for growth is worthwhile. For me, I call upon holistic ways to stay centered. I became acquainted with a true understanding of the power of crystals as healing agents while in Bali this summer. And then I found myself back in Sausalito, revisiting a crystal shop I stumbled into more than a year earlier, ever so drawn to the simple, extraordinary aura of gemstones from earth. Everything connects and this little story is no different. Just as soon as I returned from my most recent Sausalito scout, I received an unexpected gift in the mail from Stephanie Kantis, a passionate jewelry designer with deep roots in the design field. The jewel at my doorstep was Malachite. This stone of transformation, a healer on emotional and physical levels, is one I immediately embraced and now wear often, feeling its life force of constant renewal and development. The more I’ve worn this gift, the more I’ve fallen for Stephanie Kantis jewelry, donning some of her bangles and re-purposing her gorgeous pendants depending on my mood or daily style.  Inspiration and healing and new ideas come from all around you. So remember, you’ve always had the power my dear. Open your eyes and take a peek down a new path…it will elevate your existence.

JBD ringJewelry c/o Stephanie Kantis 

Image Credit: Jenny Graham  



pretty woman

Let go of judgement, let go of coulda, woulda, shoulda. You are free. You were born with love and freedom. Take it into your day, your week, your being. You are a part of everything. You are a celebration. Spend your time with people who make you feel the love. Sing out loud or get as quiet as your heart desires. Do what you feel and remember how awesome it is to be alive on the planet today. Rock out. xx, JBD

Friday Frock & Fizz & Fun Links

Trick or Treat! Are you dressing up? Bobbing for apples? Attending a masquerade ball? Whatever you’re up to…Happy Halloween! I’ve got this sun blossom frock on my mind, plus some fizz and a bunch of fun links to share with you. Cheers my dears.

sunblossom dress


This blog really serves up the way to make a proper whiskey cocktail.

whiskeyThe character-creations of Halloween have always been a favorite yearly hobby of mine, and as I have gotten older I’ve tuned in more so to the moon phase meaning and intuitive ways of this interesting time period.

From astrology forecasts to overall wellness of your beingget a little deeper, yeah?

What Does Your Spirit Guide Say?

If you just need a sweet treat, try out a Cinnamon Infused Hot Chocolate.

I plan to treat myself to some hot choc plus a little relaxation at this no-nonsense spa.

Perhaps you’re stepping out and about? If you’re off to London check out this rundown of hip hotels I’ve been eyeing for a late-November trip to the UK.

Or, bring adventure to your doorstep with The Jero, a base camp you can build anywhere!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing…breathe in, breathe out, and HAVE FUN.

Hitchcock Heroines

Alluring, engaging, mysterious, beautiful. Hitchcock had a way of bringing our eyes on exactly what he wanted. Today’s style rundown is in honor of the Hitchcock heroine. Before you flock to the links, indulge in my exclusive conversation with a lady who captured the essence of Hitchcock well, Julie Weiss. The two-time Oscar nominee and Emmy-winning costume designer brush stroked her way through the film Hitchcock. Okay, go ahead, evoke the infamous blonde and shop the style now…


Jenni Kayne slippers / Lizzie Fortunato earrings / Tome skirt / By Malene Birger  blouse / Marc by Marc Jacobs shrug / Tome dress / Rachel Comey coat / Carven bag



Ain’t that the truth. A delay in JBD posts occurred because I have been deep into beginnings. A lot of changes are happening in my life, all birthed from a beginning. The most recent days sure saw some seeds sprout into buds. I look forward to sharing the flower garden of stories with you. In the meantime, I am here to say to you: go stand in the light of your heart’s desires. Begin now. Your future self will thank you, tenfold.