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Nourish Kitchen + Table is a seasonally-influenced, locally-inspired takeaway food shop and café that offers the West Village community in New York City the comfort of a kitchen away from home. Created by nutritionist, author and superfoodie Marissa Lippert, she understands the need to bring flavor and balance back to the table. Nourish’s innovative fare bridges the gap between healthful eating and really delicious food. Ms. Lippert is the kind of woman one wants to stand beside to be inspired. Truly, she embodies what delicious living is all about! Read on for more about her culinary jewel box and a real slice of life.

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Do you recall the moment when you knew you were meant to open this fabulous restaurant?

When I walked outside of Equinox and looked up and saw a “for rent” sign hanging from Nourish’s current space. I’d been looking for nearly a year and a half and had almost given up hope of finding the space. Our current location at 95 Greenwich Avenue couldn’t have been more fitting.

You were a history major in college but chose a clinical nutrition path right after graduation. Was that path always a passion? How did that choice lead you to your current career?

I can remember from a very young age being enamored by culture, food and cooking. Health started weaving its way in there in high school and college. From there, the intention of melding health, nutrition, cultural trends and amazingly, delicious food continued to grow. I started by weaving nutrition and approachably healthy, tasty food into the media, I still frequently contribute to publications.

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Describe a typical day in the life of…

There isn’t one! I aim to hit the gym a few mornings a week to maintain my sanity and a normalized schedule of some sort. Then I usually head into Nourish Kitchen + Table for much of the day and keep myself busy working with my incredible staff on the planning of upcoming events, additions to our menu, running to the farmers market, press-related items, oh-so-fun administrative tasks, and any number of other things that pop up.

You’re also author! Your book, The Cheater’s Diet, shares secrets to losing weight in a short amount of time. Is that really possible?

It is possible! The book is broken up into a eight realistic and structured chapters.  Most of us eat a decent amount more than we really need to…or have let eating schedules and metabolisms slip. The Cheater’s Diet help bring patterns and long-lasting lifestyle change to light and helps readers cement change while figuring out how to keep all the foods they love (in moderation) in the picture.

Autumn has arrived in the Northeast. What is a favorite seasonal recipe?

Farro with thyme-roasted mushrooms and truffle oil is one of my faves…we can’t remove it from Nourish’s menu!


What are your favorite comfort foods to serve at any time of year?

Ooh…that’s tough. French fries and a big glass of wine. When it’s 90 degrees and humid…ice cream, chips and guac and margaritas. When it’s freezing cold…braised short ribs or pasta.

Three ingredients you cannot live without?

Aleppo pepper, garlic and lemon.

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Any tradition in the kitchen?

Rocking out to old-school hip hop when I cook!

What will never go out of style?

A classic dish like roast chicken or beef stew. That and whatever your favorite dish of your grandmother’s was.

When you aren’t creating a recipe, you are…?

Looking at what’s next for Nourish Kitchen + Table.  And probably flipping through a zillion cookbooks and magazines for food and design inspiration.

Best foodie city?

Istanbul (and Paris).

If you could dine with anyone, who would it be and why? And: what would you eat?

Hardest question possibly ever. Probably Alice Waters because she’s had such an incredible impact on how we eat and view food and health today.  We’d eat outside and linger over the incredible Turkish breakfast spread at Hotel Padma in Alacati, Turkey – one of my favorite food memories ever.

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Note: This interview has been edited and condensed.

Images c/o Marissa Lippert


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