Monday Lovin’

I have been looking forward to sharing this Monday Lovin’ ever since Friday evening. The sweet treats featured today are made with love by a wonderful woman, JoJo, of JoJo’s Bake Shop.  JoJo creates all of her cupcakes and cream puffs from scratch, always using whole food product, like pure butter (she can substitute as necessary, per request). This incredibly creative chef knows no limits. I had the pleasure of taste-testing four of her new recipes, each one a headliner at my cousin’s baby shower this past weekend.

I savored heavenly banana cake cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting followed by a chocolate ganache second to none. When I thought it couldn’t get any more darling and delectable, my taste buds jumped for joy at the first bite of JoJo’s classic chip cupcake, this baby cake being something I’d substitute a muffin for in the morning.

JoJo is as sweet and happy as a cupcake herself. The only time she isn’t chit-chatting up the person standing beside her is when she is in the kitchen, concocting an original recipe, from pure baker’s genius. I had the pleasure of topping off my time with her by sampling the cannoli cupcake, a recipe close to her Italian-heritage heart. The truffle of a delightful day came to a close with an Oh-Oh-Oreo cupcake, a creamy, cookie-lover’s dream all wrapped up into the perfect pastry-cake.

JoJo’s Bake Shop ships cupcakes and cream puffs anywhere in the United States, and JoJo herself will deliver them to locations in most of  Southern New England and the Tri-State area. For more information, pricing and orders, contact JoJo directly at jojobakeshop(at)gmail(dot)com.

Image Credits: Jenny Graham

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