Modern Anthology

I came across Modern Anthology, a creative studio and retail store in Dumbo, Brooklyn, a couple of years ago while searching for the perfect gift for a then-boyfriend. While said boyfriend is long gone, this outpost continues to be a regular favorite of mine. Although it leans toward a masculine aesthetic, it inspires me to seek out curated gifts. I even repurposed a vintage dart board and turkey feathered darts as a pin board in my kitchen. I have found gems for all three of my brothers, at one time or another, at Modern Anthology. I’m telling you, you’ve got to check it out.


Image Credits: Modern Anthology and Jenny by design

3 thoughts on “Modern Anthology

  1. I love Modern Anthology. As you might imagine, it’s a favorite of Adam’s / a favorite of mine for buying him gifts.

    And great idea with the dartboard! I must see this apartment of yours before you find another place.

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