Metals and Music and Moments

How do you see yourself? Has it changed over time? Growing up, I always felt like the chick lead singer in a band of dudes. Being the only sister in a family of brothers influenced me, infinitely. I was taller than the boys at school, cut bangs when other girls revealed their foreheads, and simply never quite fit a mold; smarter than the cheerleaders yet not as ironic as the theatre kids. I followed the beat of my own heart and felt it all. As I listened to Feist perform, last night, inside of BAM’s opera theatre, I felt everything. The woman is a brilliant example of being who you are while making room for the people you encounter.

When the man I thought I would marry knocked me to my knees, I (quite literally) felt like the name of our shared favorite band, a broken social scene. I kept listening to Feist, as music cures people, and eventually I got my mushaboom back. Her latest and fourth album, Metals, is a self-described “treasure-hunt of everything in my life — the books I read, movies I saw, people I am close to or observed. It’s just the whole messy passion play.” And isn’t life really that, a huge soulful play of passion?  No matter what metal you are drawn to, for goodness sake, harness your strength and be kind to yourself and others’. Along the way of music and style and life, your true self will never steer you astray. Collect the moments, lovelies, and don’t think I didn’t find metal for you to feast on. I’m liking Paige Novick’s use of gunmetal and antique rose gold almost as much as I love listening to Feist. 

Image Credits: Feist photos by jennybydesign and Paige Novick designs via MyHabit.

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