When things are particularly hectic, it is nice to be reminded of the little constants of life. Last night, after a full work day, I canceled plans to attend a concert, instead choosing to take a breath and do something I rarely do, cozy into the couch to watch television. The moment I took to tune out turned into a moment of connection. While watching two versions of Marilyn Monroe on the TV show Smash, I was reminded of my love of being on stage.With almost thirty years logged in the dance studio, it is a truly prophetic place for me. Do you ever get so busy you lose sight of your purpose on this fabulous Earth? My wish for you is to do what you love, because you see, when you act on your truth the rest of the world is a better place.

The show wrapped and I skipped over to another creative flow, perusing my collection of Taschen books. About seven years ago, I received Andre de Dienes’ Marilyn. Andre met Norma Jeane in 1945, and immediately began photographing his journey with the woman he loved, the woman we know as Marilyn. The compilation includes a copy of Andre’s journal, a love story of a memoir, if you will. His adoration of Marilyn fueled his soul.

I fancy the following two photographs from Andre de Dienes’ genius work; one with polka dots, no less!

It is quite important to indulge your senses, to live out the life you dream. That means doing small things for others’ but also for yourself.  If you’re like me, it includes spending a day at the sea. While I recharge at the beach, I’m slipping into this Sophia Boyleg Maillot. Complimentary to Marilyn’s oceanfront look, it bestows a confident vibe, similar to my message today: live a good life by following your instinct and allowing relaxation to ebb into your daily existence.

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