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Mr. Jamie Davidson is the man behind Strong Suit, an Arkansas based tailored collection of suits and sport coats. The debonaire Mr. Davidson is a true Southern gentleman, one who knows Southern sensibility and style will always resonate in the market. You may have already spotted his designs if you’re a fan of Breaking BadCharacters Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) each donned Mr. Davidson’s other line Tre Vero, which is sold in over 160 Dillard’s stores nationwide. Read on and remain stylish!

jamie davidson JBD 1

NAME: Jamie Davidson

DAY JOB: Designer

HOMETOWN: Little Rock, Arkansas

CURRENT ‘HOOD: Little Rock, my grandparents’ home

HIDDEN TALENT: I’m a paintball mercenary.

SONG ON REPEAT: Beyond Belief by Elvis Costello


COCKTAIL DU JOUR: Don’t drink.


TELL US ABOUT STRONG SUIT: Strong Suit is a new tailored clothing line I started aimed at a guy who wants a modern fit with classic fabrics. The trick is we are offering canvas front old world quality garment for under $600.

DAILY UNIFORM: Jeans. Blue and white Bengal stripe shirt. Navy sweater or blazer.

TOP 5 PLACES TO SHOP: Sid Mashburn. Stag. Context. Coffman’s. Locker Room.

I LOVE A WOMAN WHO WEARS…Anything Agent Provocateur. But you have to have an engineering degree to get it off.

IT’D BE A DREAM TO DRESS…If I could just get my friends to dress well I’d call it a victory.

YOUR LINE, TRE VERO, HAS BEEN SEEN ON BREAKING BAD  – WHAT IS NEXT? Well, there is more Tre Vero, but obviously there is no more Breaking Bad, unfortunately. It was a fun quirky thing. We dressed both Walt and Jesse. It was total serendipity. Tre Vero is exploring vintage plaids and garment dyed bottoms for the foreseeable future.

strong suite JBD

VACATION DESTINATION? Casa Colonial Beach & Spa, Dominican Republic

DAILY BLOGS & MONTHLY MAGAZINE READS? Octane. Wallpaper. Selectism.

WHAT WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE? Navy blazers and Bar-B-Que.

jamie davidson JBD 2

For more Strong Suit, Tre Vero and all things Jamie Davidson, click here.

Images c/o Jamie Davidson. Note: this interview has been edited and condensed.

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