Les Potes au Feu {Paris}

The best moments of my life always seem to give me the feeling of walking along a yellow brick road. About two weeks ago I was on Rue Saint-Blaise, in the heart of the village of Charonne, when I sauntered into Les Potes au Feu. The funny thing is, I had walked by it at least eight times in two days, never taking notice. And then, voila! With two hours to kill before catching a plane, I discovered a food paradise.


Knowing it would be my last meal in Paris this year, I went for it. Serendipitously, Tuesdays kick off the new weekly menu. I began with Gambas en Tom Yum soupe.

IMG_4160Honestly, my mouth waters as I recall the pleasure that was the plat du jour: Confit de Canard.


At this point, I was head over heels and alternating between French and English with the waiter, Camille. Only four months earlier, he launched this miracle destination with his dear friend, the Chef, Julian. Of course, the only relevant thing to do (aside from postponing my flight) was to order dessert.


There aren’t sufficient words to describe the level of awesomeness that is the experience of Les Potes au Feu. Not only does it hold the blue ribbon as one of the best meals I have ever consumed, it is run by two passionate people, Camille and Julian. Their love and joy transcends into each dish made. Eat there now. I’ll send you a pair of ruby slippers.


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Image Credits: Jenny Graham

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