La Flèche d’Or {Paris}

moving on

What are your weekend plans? Going anywhere? I’m staying put in Brooklyn all weekend long, planning to live a version of a Parisian day I had last week. This will include hitting up a handful of bookstores and listening to live music. While I was in Paris, I perused poetry on the Bagnolet (aka a street in the 20th arrondissement) and wandered into La Flèche d’Or, a beloved music venue known for showcasing upcoming indie and electronic artists.



Get out there, whether solo or with your party people. Whether in Paris or your hometown. Get out there and live. Cheers for a weekend full of life.

Image Credits: 1. Pinterest 2. Time Out 3. Jenny Graham

2 thoughts on “La Flèche d’Or {Paris}

  1. Sounds like fun! I don’t have anything planned for the weekend expect for relaxation. Work has been an overflow all week and all I want to do is sleep haha :)Great weekend to you!

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