Knock, Knock, Knock

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Hi JBD’ers. Part of me felt I should make more time to further expand this blog post, but the deeper part within me, the inner voice, said just type it out. Feel it, write it, publish it. It’s what you are reading. An unedited stream of consciousness on the late evening of a total lunar eclipse.

At a significantly young age, I knew I wasn’t part of a crowd. I consistently had visions of the future, I somehow innately knew there was beautiful truth in a statement I had heard my Dad mention time and again: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”  While there are many examples to share, the past 12 months (and even, actually, 12 weeks) I’ve especially known this to be true. I’ve welcomed the teacher in and want to share a few lessons with you.

Forgiveness. It is connected to EVERYTHING. Almost a year ago, during a time when I was struggling to release lingering bits of sadness, anger and fear from a past relationship, I walked into my first acupuncture appointment. The wonderful acupuncturist is someone I still see on a regular basis, and a poem she shared with me after one of our first sessions popped into my memory today. This simple mantra was one I said aloud each day, for 21 days, after receiving it from her. I remember standing alone on an Icelandic glacier, reciting the poem five times on the final, 21st day, feeling the release, letting it all go:

The spirit within me forgives the spirit within you (insert name of person you want to forgive). The spirit within (insert name of person you want to forgive) forgives the spirit within me. All is well between us now. We are both forgiven.

This brings me to Synchronized Guidance. I’ve learned that when I surrender to myself, to the universe, even to the loud crowds of people on the New York City subway, things just feel lighter. I wrote about going through a health scare, recently, on this blog. The entire experience brought me back to the present moment, like wow. It inspired a desire for change, mostly subtle, but all significant. I had been traveling so much for my day job, I was not fully tuned into my well-being. The shake up brought me right back to what is important. I am grateful for it because it woke me up. It lead me back to a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Whatever it is for you, surrender and embrace. When you do, you’ll feel the synchronicity of life circle you.

Just how you choose to move about your day directly echoes your Inner Voice. Listen to that voice. I have a hunch it’s one of kindness. It’s one of compassion. It’s one that is a big believer in “letting it go.”  It believes in YOU.

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