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Sometimes, even when blogging about beautiful things, a gal can have a rough day. My mind’s eye reminds me that everyone is fighting some kind of battle, but there are days when one’s own battle is at the frontal lobe. Know that it is okay to sit and be with it. See it through. There is gold in that process. And, while you may have the bestest of friends, a stellar mom or a circle of siblings who rock more than a marshall stack, the remedied words in a call or an email from a father can immediately lighten a daughter’s dark moment. As I sat down to create today’s blog post, I happened upon Kindling Quarterly, a new Brooklyn-based publication which explores contemporary fatherhood. Essays, photography, art, editorials and interviews come together to highlight creative individuals whose work and lives are inseparable from their role as a parent. While the subjects of their stories are fathers, anyone interested in creativity and community will enjoy this slice of life.

kindling quarterly


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