JBD’s Greatest Hits {2012}

Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. I had a draft of a note I was thinking about posting closer to the new year, but it felt a bit heavy. Then I heard about IFB Project #75. It seemed to lighten the load when merged with my thoughts, making more sense for a style blog, yet still honoring progress. So here goes, folks. Lead with your heart. As Barneys New York pointed out, a heart-breaking break-up was the catalyst for JBD. Little did I know what awaited me as I bought the Jenny by design domain, covered in tears, sitting on the hardwood floors of an apartment I shared with my then-boyfriend. In gobs of emotional pain, I remember taking time off from work and spent my days on long walks. I stumbled into my first yoga class. It was a foreign language that became a step on a new path of existence. And then came the blogging. Oh, the blogging! Often times, life is like a river, offering portals to many opportunities. You cannot always control the juncture at which you enter an ocean, lake or sea, but you can always count on the flow of the river. You will move forward. GO FOR IT. I did, and I wouldn’t have this little round up of some of JBD’s greatest hits if I hadn’t tried. Below you’ll find a handful of notes that had some of the highest traffic this year. From frocks, fizz and fun interviews to street style and lots of love, thanks to all of you for reading…

One of the first interviews posted on JBD was my conversation with the fabulous and creative fashion designer Chris Benz.

The SPOTLIGHT section continued to be a hit as I revealed interviews with the likes of extraordinary Chef Mario Batali and local New York City gal-about-town Narell Devine.

Love flowed in and out and you all seemed to really adore this little tribute along with a real wedding in Sun Valley.

Personal tales, travelart and decor will always be a part of the blog, as will a long standing tradition of Friday’s frock and fizz.

OscarPRGirl casually tweeted about JBD after seeing this post and I realized the power of social media, single-handedly, for a new blog.

This Fall, I began personal style posts…easy street style won out. And through it all, opportunities flowed in and lifelong friendships were formed.

Jenny by design is a diary of all things full of delight. For me, that includes people, style and local places that just feel right, like Eponymy and the Sussman Brothers, because they know what’s up when it comes to life goodness.

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So there you have it, kids. If you never try, you’ll never know. xx, Jenny

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5 thoughts on “JBD’s Greatest Hits {2012}

  1. Well said Jenny. My mother has a funny way of always putting things in perspective. Whether you’re feeling down and need a reminder of how far you’ve come or you’re relishing in a divine moment of stars aligning; she will look at you and say “Where were you exactly a year ago from today?” And no matter what I always realize I have created that forward movement for myself, without even knowing it.

  2. Just catching with JBD from this past week. You are an inspiration Jen and I can’t wait to see you Christmas day! Happy Winter Solstice. Mary J

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