Hello, JBD’ers. The first week of this new year I read a horoscope that referenced life as a dance. One in which we make an art of letting go and grasping and letting go again, similar to the catch and twirl and sway of dancers releasing and coming together in time. It reminded me of all of the good notions which flutter through my daily life. Some left in the wind and some held close to my heart. And so here we are, a monthly post of JBD LOVE, dedicated to the small, large and in between discoveries which feel worthy of your love, too.

The Universe of Us is a book which offers a symphony of words to guide its reader through the light as well as over the dark side of a moon. A collection of poems, all written by the seemingly angelic Lang Leav. The 219 pages flew through my heart, more than half earmarked and read aloud. To me, Lang’s poetry is a crystal clear blue lake nestled against a meadow full of wildflowers on a sunbeam day.  Here is her postcard…


To the man I love, to my future.

The first time I felt your presence, I began joining the dots in the sky, wondering when our stars would align.

I often think of where you are and if you’re happy. Are you in love? I hope she is gentle. I know you and I are the same in that way—we bruise a little more easily than most. You see, our souls were made in the same breath.

I know I’m running late—I’m sorry. Things haven’t worked out the way I planned. But believe me when I tell you I am on my way.

Until then, think of me, dream of me and I will do the same. One day I will learn your name, and I will write it somewhere on this page. And we will realize that we have known each other all along.

[Poem by Lang Leav / Horoscope by Holiday Mathis / Image Credit by unknown artist ]

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