Sisterfields Cafe {Seminyak, Bali}

Hands down my favorite Seminyak cafe to eat and linger the day away is Sisterfields. Located near Bali’s Seminyak Square, it was in walking distance from our Airbnb villa. From the clean design and chic decor to the divine food and drink, I adore this little spot located in paradise. A latte and a carrot-ginger-apple-celery-lemon mixed juice were my […]

Bali, Indonesia

Guess what? I am traveling again. This jetset is extra special, though, as it is a long-time-coming vacation with a wondrous trio of friends. We are off to Bali, woohoo! I am not sure what to expect (beyond a two day flight, save for German and Malaysian stopovers), but I am ready to surrender to the planet. Be back […]

A Gathering of Life

Do you weed your {metaphorical} garden? In order to do so, you’ve got to create space and time for yourself. It’s continuous work, it’s vulnerability at its finest, it is worth every bit of effort you give to it because it directly affects the development of you. I’m midway into some time off to reflect, […]


“I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.” Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing mantra. There is much history behind it. Like anything, gravitate to what feels right. I was drawn to the simple, beautiful nature of how it relates to a release of the past. When we acknowledge, forgive, and listen to our […]

You’ve Always Had The Power

I’ve always loved and lived Glinda the Good Witch‘s motto: You’ve always had the power, you’ve always had it my dear. On any given day, it brings me right back to the infinite potential we each possess. During times of major change and risk-taking, you can find comfort in knowing your courage for growth is […]

Knock, Knock, Knock

Hi JBD’ers. Part of me felt I should make more time to further expand this blog post, but the deeper part within me, the inner voice, said just type it out. Feel it, write it, publish it. It’s what you are reading. An unedited stream of consciousness on the late evening of a total lunar eclipse. At a […]

Seattle Art Museum: “City Dwellers”

Experiencing life in Bali inspired me to discover Hindu mythology. As a result, I’ve gone down a path of knowledge of all things India. Along the way I learned about the Seattle Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India. Sculptures and photography by contemporary Indian artists capture an array of diverse ideas within Bollywood […]

The 7 Chakras

In the middle of a two week Balinese vacation, my friends and I spent two nights at the luxurious AYANA Resort and Spa. It was just the right amount of let’s-hang-out-at-a-fancy-hotel-before-we-settle-into-a-beach-house. It is rare for me to get a massage, but no one had to twist my arm when I heard about AYANA’s massage therapist, Cok (pronounced […]

The Bulgari Resort

The Bulgari Resort stands atop a Balinese cliff like a medieval fortress town, walled and secret. Each villa has its own garden, pool and outdoor living room that looks over the Indian Ocean. The construction of each piece of this luxury resort respects local techniques. Each stone is cut and chiseled on site by hand. […]