I commit to the work that has longevity and meaning. This is one of a handful of mantras for my life, born of the past 21 days in Florianopolis, Brazil. I cannot wait to share so much more of my ROSEMARY DREAM experience with you. IT CHANGED THE WAY I FEEL, THINK, SAY AND DO.

This being human is delicate, beautiful, complicated, simple, fleeting, meaningful. Like Rumi said, this being human is a guest house. Amidst The Rosemary Project, I spent time with someone very special. Over the years he has taught me about the human capacity to love and so it is only fitting that he brought HUMAN into my heart and mind.

Have you seen this deeply humanistic documentary? Shot in 60 countries over three years, filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand interviewed 2,020 women and men in 63 languages. The profoundly personal and emotional accounts are interspersed with stunning aerial footage that offers critical insight into life on earth. It is an experience of immersive and inspirational odyssey, a movement to encourage reflection on the human condition, ignite a conversation around the meaning of our existence, and empower people to make social change.

As I type this, I realize the documentary is a synchronized version of what Rosemary Dream maintains, teaches, offers. Being true to yourself is acting without a guarantee.

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