Hot Notes

hammock room

After discovering this photograph on Pinterest, I decided I must have a hammock in my living room. I can’t stop looking at this version.

sausalito doors

While we are on the topic of decor, these garage doors caught my eye as I skipped around the streets of Sausalito.

travel yeah

This quote speaks to me. It reminds me of my first big jet-set experience as a teenager to the global trotting I head off on each week or month. Life is an adventure…

a cup of jo

…and a good recipe makes life better. I love reading the blog A Cup of Jo. Everything about it is delicious, especially the maple apple granola she just shared with the world.


What more could you possibly want after hammock lounging on a Sausalito street crunching on homemade granola? Ah, a fancy, fun manicure, of course! Paintbox offers options you won’t find anywhere else.

What are your hot notes? Send ’em on over to JBD.

Images via  Pinterest / Jenny Graham / Unknown / A Cup of Jo / Paintbox

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