Hello, today.


For the first time since March I spent the entire weekend in New York City. It was rad to do laundry, get a pedicure, and linger in the yoga studio. The highlight was sharing champagne with my favorite people on the rooftop of my cousin’s sweet West Village abode. There’s a lot to be said of the natural pick me up brought on by time well spent with loved ones. Cheers to continuing the week with high vibes. Plus: some fun links from the world wide web…


Did you catch the Women of SNL last night?


Oh la la…Festival de Cannes, but also Blake Lively’s bun.


A fresh start for Spring home design begins with new throw pillows…Lulu & Georgia is where I bought mine.


Have you tried Viyet? It’s top notch for all of you looking to decorate…


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. A guide to all of NYC’s subway signs.


As much as I jetset for work, I still love to travel for vacation. There’s so much to see on this planet! I’m heading to Indonesia next month and The Bali Bible is my guru.

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