Heart Overflowin’

What can you do to get your heart overflowing this weekend? Sparks and reminders are all around. Even my best friends lovingly roll their eyes at me, but I am telling you, look out and be aware. It’s all always happening. We are alive and breathing! Bare with me a few moments more, massive stream of consciousness happening. Last month I was on yet another cross country flight. Seated next to me was a most handsome Argentinian man. We sipped red wine and shared family, career and love stories way up in the air. Six hours later it felt like our first date. Studies show your senses are heightened while flying, as in 55 percent of travelers said they had “experienced heightened emotions while flying.” Truth be told, a few years ago I was seated adjacent to another handsome (American) man who ended up my boyfriend of half a year+. Things like this do happen. But back to the Argentinian…it was just a moment, a we are alive and life is rad when you connect with people moment. We did what you do nowadays: immediate social media friending. Fast forward to a few weeks later, I’m blasting Leon Bridges’ music in my office on a Friday, creating content for a film campaign, subconscious-simultaneous scrolling of Facebook happening and low and behold the Argentinian posted the same exact song I had playing. You still with me here? If so, this is a silly, fun reminder that it is freaking Friday and it’s time to open your heart and your mind to what feels right. Roll with the patterns that pop up in your life. xx, JBD.

3 thoughts on “Heart Overflowin’

  1. Yes!! You were (are) attracted to each other’s energy. Same tribe. I love
    Thanks for sharing Jenny. Havea beautiful weekend.

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