Friday Frock & Fizz


After several months on hiatus, JBD’s original weekly post is back. Kicking off the celebration, in honor of New York Fashion Weekare frocks by one of my favorite designers, Yuna Yang. The beauties above gracefully revealed her latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection last night. I can’t stop daydreaming over the feminine power energy embodied by Yuna’s freedom-esque themes married to soft, classic, floral twists.


Well-poured, classy cocktails are the perfect catch to Ms. Yang’s ’40’s inspired culture of chic. Ten choices await you right here. Kick up your heels and say cheers!

cocktail JBD

Cugat Conga (1942): Jigger Bacardi White Rum, Jigger Grenadine, Juice and Absinthe

Image Credits ~ Frocks: Jenny Graham // Fizz: 

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