Friday Frock and Fizz

Kids,the temperature in New York City is hovering at 100+ degrees. The past few days have been steamy, to say the least. I walked out of my local market last night with Ayala’s Sparkling Herbal Water in glass bottles. Refreshing and satisfying doesn’t begin to explain the relief the lavender mint spritz immediately offers. Try one of four certified organic flavored waters at no harm to yourself or the sun.


In keeping up with my spur-of-the-moment lavender love fest, I give you a spur of the moment photo, captured during my most recent stint at an international movie premiere. Just as the theatre doors were to close, Ms. Salma Hayek glided in with the love of her life. Oh, wait, we were talking about lavender, right? Well, take a peek at this amazing Bottega Veneta frock, first worn by Hayek while gracing the pages of InStyle’s July 2012 issue.

Cheers and Happy Weekend!

Image Credits: 1. Ayala 2. Jenny by design 3. Giampaolo Sgura (Instagram’d by JBD)



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