Friday Frock and Fizz

Weeks ago, during a stroll through a Brooklyn street fair, I snapped a photo of this cotton candy stand. The fluffy sweetness brought back childhood memories of summertime carnivals and the pastels evoked an immediate calling for warm weather wear.

I got to thinking about what a cotton candy cocktail would taste like, and quickly discovered several other folks are way ahead of my amateur sweet tooth. While taste-testing the confectionery fizz, I suggest dressing yourself up in similar soft-hued tones like Eli Saab’s haute couture 2012.

Make the cotton candy martini-confit just like this:

2 ounces vanilla vodka
1/4 cup juice (pineapple or blueberry)
3 tablespoons grenadine
1 1/2 cups club soda

Combine vodka, juice and grenadine in a shaker
Divide between tall glasses
Rim glasses with coarse sugar
Fill with small ice cubes
Garnish with cotton candy!

Image Credits: 1.Jenny by design 2.Eli Saab/unknown 3.Unknown

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