Friday Frock and Fizz

Yes, lovelies, I realize this isn’t – technically – a frock, however it has the feel and flow of a true frock experience. So, bare with me. Ohne Titel’s stripes offer an optical illusion and a lesson in geometry. Pair it with a fizz from London designer William Yeoward’s American Bar and you’ve got yourself a sun crushed combination of glamour and glorious color. The book is a diary of the world’s most sophisticated cocktails, each page delivering a separate sip of pleasure.

The Berkeley Blue Bar’s Sun Crushed fizz stands out for me.

Make it at home like this:

3 orange slices
2 bar spoons brown sugar
10 red currants
2 bar spoons lemon juice
2 oz. pomegranate liqueur
Champagne, to top up

*Muddle together the orange, brown sugar and red currants in a highball glass.
*Add lemon juice, pomegranate liqueur and crushed ice.
*Top up with Champagne, add more ice, and garnish with red currants or an orange slice.


Image Credits: Frock: Imaxtree // Fizz: Cico Books


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