Des Pâtisseries et du Café {Paris}

Forget haute couture. Whether or not you have a sweet tooth, it’s hard to turn down any version of a Parisian cake. I’m perfect proof, having always chosen the french fry over the macaroon. But in Paris…in Paris…this American girl savored every bit of each eclair.



From the 1st to the 20th arrondissement, an extraordinary patisserie can be found. This is a good round-up, too.


My fellow Américains, each time you order café, you will receive a small cup of espresso-like coffee. If you would prefer milk with your coffee, be sure to order a café crème. As a reminder, a café noisette is an espresso with a touch of milk, usually served on the side. Take note: no one in Paris will automatically bring milk with coffee. I enjoyed a café noisette over the latest issue of Vogue Paris. Pourquoi pas?


Image Credits: Jenny Graham

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