Denise Richards Dishes On Humor, Hair Care And Being Honored To Work With Charlie

Denise Richards has a delightfully contagious laugh, and I remember thinking this chick is funny after watching her as Cassie, Ross and Monica’s cousin on Friends. I am a new found fan in her hair care line, Denise Richards Volume Extend, which she created with world renowned stylist, Cristophe. The mother of three took time out of her balanced life to jump into a Q&A with JBD. Enjoy!

Was there a moment when you (and Cristophe) knew you had a stellar product?

I tried every formula. We went through 18 different ones for our shampoo. This one was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted and more.

What is your personal hair care routine? Daily or weekly washes?

I don’t wash my hair every day. I wash every other day.  Most of the time, I’ll wash and condition my hair, then spray the volumizer or put in the volumizing cream and put my hair on top of my head. My hair is naturally wavy. When it dries I have nice soft waves…

I love that your hair care line is sulfate and paraben free. Was that an original intention?  And, you didn’t stop there with doing good…to which charities do you donate a portion of your sales?

It was my intention to keep the products sulfate and paraben free. In the past when I’ve used products that are not free of those chemicals my hair didn’t feel clean and felt very flat. That was the challenge in creating this line, no harsh chemicals, and having my hair feel clean and thick, and ready to style. We are doing two charities, one for kidney cancer and one for breast cancer.

You are a well-rounded woman and seem to live all moments of your life fully. What keeps you balanced?

I have a positive outlook on life, and I’m very blessed. I feel very grateful to work in a business I love and to have healthy children.

Can you offer our readers three must-have summer items?

My shampoo Volume Extend, it will help with frizz in the humidity. A summer dress – one that you can wear to the beach or dress it up for night.  A bikini.

What will never go out of style?

During the summer it would have to be my cut off jean shorts. They’re so easy to throw on over my bikini.

What is a must-have hair accessory?

Just a simple ponytail holder. I always have one on my wrist. I’m constantly throwing my hair on top of my head. Or, I’ll do a slick ponytail.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

The Caribbean…I love it there.

Do you have a golden rule in decorating? If so, what is it?

I just finished a big project on my house, remodeling and decorating my entire home. My style is always changing. My rule is to think outside the box and have fun with it.

You have a guest appearance on Anger Management with Charlie Sheen…any fun tidbits you can share?

We had fun working together…I was honored he asked me to be part of his show.

What quality about yourself would you never want to lose?

My sense of humor. Even during the darkest times I still can have a sense of humor about everything.

Each Friday, I select a fizz and a frock for our readers. Denise – it is five o’clock somewhere – what are you sipping? And, what is the dream dress draping you?

A blood orange martini and a white strapless sundress.


Lovelies, I tried her shampoo, conditioner and volumizing cream. It really works. I have long, thick hair and the products tamed it while retaining the natural body. I rarely recommend beauty products, but this has my full endorsement. Give it a go!

 Image Credits: Denise Richards // Volume Extend Products c/o Denise Richards

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