Circadian Rhythms

Are you an early bird or a night owl? I have always been an early bird, however I am sometimes a night owl. For instance, I will make exceptions to the bird to embrace the owl who writes this blog, gets lost in time with a creative project, and goes out on the town. I read there appears to be a genetic component which explains why staying up late may run in families. My mom and two of my brothers are Class A night owls. My dad and my other brother skew more my way. Perhaps there is something to it? I got to thinking about circadian rhythms this morning after waking up much earlier than the worms. Now let me tell you: I am someone who sleeps at least 7 hours a night no matter what continent I am on, no matter what happens to be swirling in my mind, no matter what is a-glow in my heart. My head hits the pillow, I’m out, I dream, and I awake to begin a brand new day. (For all of you who have kids, let’s remember I haven’t had my own children just yet. I am sure this will all go out the window when I give birth!). For now, back to being a traditional Chinese medicine nerd novice. I got curious after the random wake up and dug up an organ clock chart. Most practitioners will tell you waking up only one time at one specific hour doesn’t mean much, if anything. But, if you find yourself clocking in on a frequent basis to a particular time frame, well, it could tell you more. I’m fascinated by our ability to navigate our needs by simply tuning into our inner cycle. Goes without saying, I have no formal training in this…I am a devotee of acupuncture and reiki and simply find Eastern medicine useful and insightful. So, to all of you early birds and all of you night owls, here is a guide to all of the hours of your organs’ day.


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